Savannah Waters

The Georgia coast is a nostalgic place. The Savannah River Basin has been a local lifeline for thousands of years. General Oglethorpe and his crew arrived here after crossing the Atlantic Ocean and making their way up the Savannah River in an effort to establish America’s thirteenth colony, nearly 300 years ago. Today, while most think of the Savannah River Basin as home to one of the world’s busiest international shipping ports, it is the local waterways and the opportunities they hold that make this area so remarkable.

Now, the Whitman Hospitality Group would like to offer everyone this unique experiene of sailing by yacht. The opportunity to sail the beautifully protected and seemingly untouched Georgia coast and to do it aboard one of the most beautiful vessels to call Savannah home is very special. Join us to cut loose from the mainland while enjoying every luxury of home. Surround yourself in nature, where time is measured by the tides. Come out for a day of sailing, a day to relax, a day to experience. A day aboard The Whitman Yacht.