Whitman Yacht Made Bachelor Party Unforgettable

By Jake Scarsi

I basically started thinking about my brother Dan’s bachelor party as soon as he announced his engagement. He’s not really someone who’d be up for the typical night of bar hopping, gambling or visiting gentlemen’s clubs. However, since he and his fiancé dated for practically a decade before deciding to tie the knot, his friends and I were not about to let his final days of bachelorhood slip by without some sort of commemoration.

Considering the wedding was in Savannah, I started doing a little research. My family is full of nature lovers, fishing enthusiasts, hikers and outdoorsmen. Chartering a boat for the day seemed like a great fit, and with Savannah being on the coast, I figured there would be plenty to choose from. Since we had a group to accommodate, I knew a small boat was out. I was surprised when my online search led me to The Whitman Yacht, but I thought, “We couldn’t afford that.” I was even more shocked to find out, yes, we could – easily.

I got in touch with the yacht’s owner, Steve, who was great. He completely filled me in, answered my questions, made the options clear and offered a few suggestions. I conferred with the other four groomsmen, and it was a done deal.

The $750 fee split between the five of us was totally manageable at $150 each. We all kicked in an extra $50 for food, drinks and a tip, and we were set. Honestly, we’d have spent more than $200 each if we’d gone the traditional route with dinner, bars, a party bus or limo, etc.

Our day on the water was awesome – a bit overcast, but with a nice amount of wind. It never did rain, and the cloud cover made the heat bearable. Steve and his captain, Bennett, were great. After half an hour or so, it was like they were part of our party. We passed around beers, listened to music, and dug into the food we’d ordered – shrimp, cheese and fruit platter, steak sandwiches. Not sure if Steve is the chef, but it was very well-prepared.

Seeing the amazing sights and sounds of the Savannah coast was so relaxing. The water, the birds and dolphins, small islands along the way … seriously incredible. It was apparent from the start that Dan loved every minute of it, and that was the main goal. We relaxed on the yacht’s bow with drinks and heard what Bennett had to say about the area’s wildlife and coastal landscapes. He pretty much knew all there was to know about the region. Turns out, he was born and raised here.

The five groomsmen and my brother are all old friends, so we laughed pretty much nonstop talking about old memories and good times. Dan is the last of us to get married, so we all had a few words of advice for him – even Steve!